Green Game-Changing Strategies

febrero 24, 2023
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Going Green

Sustainability as a business strategy is gaining more and more followers among executives and managers, and more and more businesses want to act as drivers of change, implementing sustainability goals in companies. The first thing that comes to mind when we refer to ecological marketing, is a brand that is extremely committed to the environment or that belongs to sectors related to recycling, renewable energy, etc.

The desire to have a positive impact
translates into a key concept in today’s
business world: sustainability.

Traditional marketing often fueled consumerism and neglected quality of life and authentic living in harmony with the planet. This growing demand for more and more products has contributed decisively to environmental consequences that may be irreversible if we don’t stop in time.

Almost all companies pollute or use non-renewable resources. Which means that it is up to you to implement actions and processes to correct this environmental impact. These can involve all kinds of measures from creating an ecological product, making a change in packaging and avoiding or reducing the use of plastics, adopting practices that are sustainable or creating campaigns and promotions in favor of defending the environment.

5 Tips for Ecological Marketing

There are many types of green actions that we can carry out in our company as part of our environmental marketing plan; larger or smaller and at a lower or higher cost.

Reduction Of Raw Materials
At this point, one of the biggest marketing trends is opting for and promoting the Cradle to Cradle culture that prioritizes everything being reusable and returning to the product life cycle.

Promotion Of Responsible Consumption
The first point is to offer products without planned obsolescence, but also to promote a culture of reuse and the fight against rapid consumption in favor of more elaborate products.

Make Your Company An Example
For example, facilitating sustainable transport to your company, consuming organic products or favoring collaboration with other similar entities.

Make Your Brand Tell A Story
One of the most effective sustainable marketing strategies is to tell a story. Many responsible brands are using their websites to tell stories; they post engaging videos on YouTube that spark discussion, are active on social media, and sponsor relevant events to make their story visible.

Focus On Educating Your Audience
It is not enough to communicate that you are offering your target consumer an environmentally responsible alternative. You need to let them know the consequences of not making changes to products and services that we use in our daily lives.

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