The Power of AI In Marketing

marzo 16, 2023
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marzo 16, 2023 admin

Machines taking over

Artificial intelligence came to revamp marketing. One of the neuralgic activities of communication is to identify customers’ needs and persuade them to buy. It sounds very close to what AI can perform without problems. Digital marketing is already making full use of artificial intelligence benefits. When we use social networks, shop online or handle IoT, a large amount of personal and behavioral data is generated. Its processing and analysis open the door to new applications of AI in digital marketing.

The most significant advance
in technology since the advent
of the Internet is a reality.

Given the enormous potential of this new technology, it is critical that those working in marketing understand the types of marketing AI applications available today and how they may evolve.

Programmatic Advertising
Internet advertising is ceasing to be massive and intrusive to become programmatic advertising. Big Data algorithms make it possible for the ads we see to be related to our browsing behavior.

Data Driven Marketing
Decision making is no longer based on intuition. Thanks to AI predictive analytics based on consumer interactions, it is possible to predict future user behavior.

Process Automation
Process automation helps personalize communication with current and potential customers. CRM data allows you to create videos with unique dynamic fields.

Content Creation
Artificial neural networks that replicate the structure of the human brain are already capable of composing music and painting pictures. The objective is to create content applied to marketing, such as advertising, harnessing emotional responses from customers.

Personalized Interaction
The key example of personalized interaction in digital marketing is found in chatbots. Machines are increasingly used to offer a high level of customer service, offering empathic responses to provide a more humane and satisfactory service.

User Experience
The user experience goes up a notch with the possibility of using augmented reality in video campaigns on social networks. This format will allow you to improve your ads and achieve higher CTRs thanks to tools such as trying on clothes or seeing how a piece of furniture looks at home before buying it.

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation strategies are possible thanks to Big Data and its intelligent use by machines. This allows us to design a campaign with different messages for different audiences and, based on their behavior, modify our actions.

The important advances in data processing are changing the way people interact with machines. Digital marketing now has a way to explore to improve user experience, personalize connections with potential customers and increase conversions.

The Future Has Arrived! Are you prepared for the future?


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